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Janelia Farm FlyEM Project

Software open-sourced by the FlyEM Project on Github

Our projects

Please visit our github page to view all FlyEM projects that have been open-sourced. For many of the projects, we try to release software as it is being written, so some code may be available but not easily used. For this reason, we have listed the projects below that have some stability.

Stable Projects

DVID Ecosystem Workshop and Hackathon: April 4-9, 2016

Join us at the first DVID ecosystem workshop and hackathon, where we will discuss scientific data sharing and tools for connectomics research.


All FlyEM software is released under the Janelia Farm license, a 3-clause BSD license.

Since FlyEM software relies on a number of other software packages, we have included a summary of open source license compatibility and what licenses are used for each software package.